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We’ve Moved to the Carson Valley, Nevada Area!

 About DeVoe Construction & Design

Whether or not you’re experienced with home renovations, we will help guide you.

About Us

Roland worked with his dad as a tile setter starting at the age of 8, so he has had a lifetime of experience in remodeling and construction. He and I were married in 1993, and worked in separate construction-related jobs for a while. I worked for a cabinetry company and Roland worked at a countertop company next door. We both continued in our separate lines of work for a few years until 1997, when we decided to start a business together. We started our own successful countertop company and kept at it for ten years. During that time, Roland would take on random kitchen and bathroom remodels to keep from getting bored. When we were ready for a change, we decided to turn those side projects into a full-time business. This was in 2007, and Devoe Construction & Design was born.

In February 2023, we decided to move our company to Carson Valley, NV. We are excited to be in a new area and serve the people of this community. We are specializing in new home builds, additional dwelling units, mother-in-law units, additions, and kitchen & bathroom remodeling.

We are a family-owned company with integrity. We’ve been doing this together for a long time and are proud of the work we do.

Thank you for visiting and learning more about our company!



What to Expect with Your Design

When you’re ready to discuss your next home project, get in touch with us. Once we’ve made contact, here’s how the typical process goes:

First, we’ll set up an appointment to meet in person. Laura will come out and take measurements and determine the scope of work, sketching out the potential project needs. We also like to meet in person as we can assess the home from the outside, determine if electrical work is anticipated, etc.

Laura will then assist with the design as needed. During this visit, we’ll figure out exactly what you need help with. You may have some pictures, which we will review, and we’ll fine tune all the details.

After these initial appointments, Laura will return with samples to show you, or may email you if preferable. Once you’re happy and approve the designs, the project is ready to begin. We will review a timeline for the project and schedule a start date.


We’ll Hold Your Hand

This is where we really shine and stand apart. While other design companies expect you to have your designs all picked out, we don’t require that at all. We know you’ve watched those designer shows and spent hours on Pinterest and just don’t know where to begin. And that’s ok! That’s where we come in.

We just want the project to be done so that you can start enjoying your new space as soon as possible. We help you make decisions. When we step into your home, this helps with this process a great deal. We can see what would brighten your home, or will even see if what you have in mind will completely change your current style.



Every project is different. No two are alike. When we put together a custom quote, we ensure that they are fair. It includes everything we’ve outlined in the project, and accounts for the inevitable extras that pop up during every project. If we need to make a change along the way, we will give you the best options to do so at the most reasonable price possible. We ensure that there are no surprises and are very transparent throughout the entire project, from planning to execution.

Let’s get started! Ready to transform your home? Get in touch with us at (925) 550-1525 or email laurad@devoeconstruction.com. Or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you right away:

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